Enjoy a variety of Georgian dishes with the addition of European cuisine

Talifa - make yourself at home with home cooking and friendly service

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Enjoy a variety of Georgian dishes with the addition of European cuisine

Talifa is a family restaurant of Georgian cuisine with the addition of European dishes. For more than 20 years in a row, we have been striving to introduce as many people as possible to real Georgian cuisine - charismatic, juicy, delicious.

In the Talifa restaurant you will find a variety and a wide range of Georgian dishes, both simple and on the grill. A distinctive feature of our restaurant is that here you can taste exactly home Georgian cuisine. The basis of the menu is traditional and popular dishes - dolma, khachapuri, khinkali and much more.

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We provide you with a hall of any size for an event with Georgian cuisine


Talifa restaurant with over 20 years of history and experience

Long history

We have 12 positions of dishes on the grill, this is despite the other dishes available

Variety of dishes

You will be able to taste the most popular homemade Georgian dishes

Features of Georgia


Main courses
Bread and sauce
Children's menu
  • *При заказе в нашем ресторане к чеку идут 10% от всей стоимости, за обслуживание или одноразовую посуду при доставке


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